How to Clean Up The Kitchen Fast – 9 Tips and Tricks

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10 Responses

  1. Wow!

    Thanks for all the tips. I run the dishwasher in the afternoon and at night. Clean up is a cinch! But, I think I can cut that down to one time a day if I do the one cup suggestion! Good idea.

    Thanks for the dinner recipes too!

    • thecrazybusymama says:

      That’s great! Cups take up so much space it’s ridiculous. Glad to help!

  2. Brittany says:

    These are great tips! I try to run the dishwasher every night and unload it while the kids eat breakfast! That little routine helps so much! Thank you for sharing at Mama Blog Monday! 🙂

    • thecrazybusymama says:

      Thanks, Brittany! I’m so glad you like them and thanks for the opportunity to link up on your blog. I also like to unload the dishwasher while my kids eat breakfast – especially when my littlest is in her highchair because then she isn’t trying to climb onto the door of the dishwasher!

  3. LOVE the timer idea and I need to try to run the dishwasher more frequently. These tips are great!

    • thecrazybusymama says:

      Great! Yeah, running the dishwasher on a regular schedule was probably the biggest game changer for me. It really sets you up for a routine.

  4. I definitely needed this! I struggle hard to keep my house clean and my kitchen is the one that irks me the most. We are are family of both working parents with somewhat opposite schedules so we don’t cook dinner everyday. Running the dishwasher every day might be too much for us because it is really empty. I think I might start with every two days. I might also add to frequently clean the dishwasher because I’ve noticed that I sometimes have to run the dishwasher more than once to get a good clean (which takes more time and effort).

    • thecrazybusymama says:

      Hi Marissa,
      I’m so glad you found this post useful! If you don’t need to run the dishwasher every night (which I am totally jealous of, by the way!) I might suggest doing a rinse cycle on the nights you don’t run it. That might help if the dishes are sitting for a day or two. This way they get rinsed off and the food doesn’t get dried on, which is usually the culprit of not so clean dishes when the dishwasher is finished. Good luck!

  5. Jessie says:

    I so need to implement this! My kitchen is never all the way clean and tidy. Uggh. Thanks for the great tips! Nice to meet you on the link-up party!

    • thecrazybusymama says:

      Kitchens are just such a disaster, believe me, you are not alone in the constant messy kitchen club! I hope the tips help! The link up party was great!

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